Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a food truck depends on many factors but it is safe to say that a new, fully equipped food truck is an investment of $75,000+. The average food truck costs around $90,000. Variables that effect cost include age of truck, chosen cooking and refrigeration equipment, power requirements and more. Some people choose to supply their own truck or used equipment to keep the pricing within a certain range.

The lead time is based on the type of build. Food trucks with only electrical appliances (ice cream truck, espresso truck…)  tend to have a shorter build time of around 8-10 weeks. Trucks and trailers with gas equipment can take anywhere from 10-14 weeks. There can occasionally be delays with equipment availability, and we will always do our best to mitigate this and have your build completed in a timely fashion.

Due to the highly custom nature of each build, we offer some flexibility to change the layout to a certain completion point of the build.  Change charges may apply.

The best place to start when looking for permits is your local city hall. They will be able to guide you in the right direction. Each city/province has slightly different requirements so it is very important that you get first-hand information on which permits you need to operate. Costs vary city to city.

You will require a full standard driver’s license at the minimum. If you need anything special beyond that, it depends on the weight of the vehicle. In Ontario, trucks over 4500KG are considered commercial vehicles, and the truck will need a CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration) associated to it. This is a written test that can be done by you or a member of your team. Regardless of what is required in your area, it is important that the drivers you choose are properly trained to operate larger vehicles safely.

Shop around for a good insurance plan, as rates vary across the board. We can also refer you to some trustworthy companies to get rates from.

You are more than welcome to supply your own equipment, new or used. Make sure you discuss your plan with one of our sales associates to ensure that the equipment will fit properly, meet ETL and CSA approvals, and is the correct electrical amperage.

Marketing is an essential part of having a successful food truck business. You can have the best product out there, but it won’t do any good if no one knows about it!  There are many creative ways to market and advertise your business. It starts with having eye catching graphics on your truck, but it doesn’t end there. A few ideas are sharing photos and menu items on social media, engaging with your clients online and offline, and collaborating with other businesses. Get creative!


First Step

Request a free food truck quote through our website.

Second Step

Determine your layout with Autocad food truck designs.

Third Step

Watch your mobile build come to life with video & photo updates.

Fourth Step

Receive your custom-built truck and start your business!